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وظائف شاغرة في غزة والضفة
امتحانات توجيهي 2014 مجمع امتحانات الثانوية العامة فلسطين
مجمع امتحانات توجيهي 2013 | امتحانات الثانوية العامة فلسطين 2013
مجمع امتحانات توجيهي 2013 التجريبية

امتحانات الثانوية العامة توجيهي2016

العودة   ملتقى طلبة فلسطين > الأقــســـام التعليمية الــعـــامــة > منتدى الوظائف الشاغرة في فلسطين > اعلانات الوظائف الشاغرة المنتهية

أدوات الموضوع طريقة عرض الموضوع
قديم 11-21-2013, 03:51 PM   رقم المشاركة : ( 1 )

الصورة الرمزية الزعيم

الملف الشخصي
رقــم العضويـــة : 6
تـاريخ التسجيـل : Mar 2008
العــــــــمـــــــــر :
الــــــــجنــــــس :
الـــــدولـــــــــــة : فلسطين
المشاركـــــــات : 3,550 [+]
عدد الـــنقــــــاط : 11
قوة التـرشيــــح : الزعيم is on a distinguished road
المرحلة الدراسية: غير ذلك

الزعيم غير متواجد حالياً

e3lan وظيفة شاغرة : اقتــصـــادي / محــلل - وزارة المـــالية الفلســـطينية - رام الله

وظيـــفة اقتــصـــادي / محــلل - وزارة المـــالية الفلســـطينية - رام الله Economist / Analyst - Ministry of Finance - Ramallah

State of Palestine- Ministry of Finance - General Directorate for Administration and Finance

Through the United Kingdom grant (DFID) to the State of Palestine, Ministry of Finance announces the vacancy of economist/Analyst to work with following qualifications and responsibilities.

Duration: One Year
Position: Economist/Analyst
Location: Ministry of Finance,
Department: Macroeconomic and Fiscal analysis Unit

1-Education – at least a BA in economics, mathematical economics or statistics.
2-A minimum of 1 year experience in related fields. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
3-Personal qualities – a determined and confident individual capable of working in a fast moving team. She or he also needs to build the necessary professional relations and trust with other members of the economic community for the work to succeed.
4-Solid understanding of issues related to public finance, international trade and macroeconomics.
5-Strong quantitative analysis skills
6-Strong ability to manage tasks independently.
7-Strong results orientation.
8-The candidate must have relevant experience for economic issues and institutional reform and governance. Good understanding of other government policy areas preferred. The post requires the ability to work closely with colleagues in the government, civil society, the private sector business community, international investors and the donor community.
9-Communication and computer skills – confident and fluent oral communications are essential with an ability to speak and write very well in Arabic and English.
1-Public expenditure and revenue policy and analysis: analyze public expenditures and revenue issues such as subsidies, sectorial expenditure allocation, pensions and debt management. Analyze revenue trends by various tax categories and non-tax revenue. Develop full knowledge of the existing economic agreements and their provisions. Quantify relationships between various tax categories and economic growth.
2-Assist in preparing the annual budget circular and budget statement. Project medium term macroeconomic parameters- setting fiscal targets – and contribute to MOF budget discussions and projections.
3-Collaborate with other government and civil society institutions which have an economic mandate.
4-Prepare presentations for the Fiscal Sector Working Group and participate in briefings to the donor community in consultation with the International Relations and Projects Department of MOF.
5-Prepare briefs and presentations for the semi-annual Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meetings
6-Inputs to other work streams as required from the Director of the MFU.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit along with your application and CV, a covering letter (not more than 3 pages) demonstrating your relevant experience, by the closing date. (Please include your e-mail address and mobile number) to the following e mail addresses raa88mail.aub.edu or qassambgmail.com or mofirdgpalnet.com ,please note that the applicants shall send their needed papers before the dead line, dated 24/11/2013.
توقيع » الزعيم
من لا يشكر الناس لا يشكر الله
كلمة شكر تكفيني لأضيف لكم المزيد ،،،
||*|| وظائف شاغرة في فلسطين سجل اعجابك لتصلك اعلانات الوظائف عبر الفيس بوك " إضغط هنا "

من مواضيعي المهمة للطلبة الأعزاء 2013
المواد التدريبية للمراجعة النهائية للصف الرابع الابتدائي فلسطين الفصل الثاني

مجمع امتحانات الثانوية العامة توجيهي للأعوام السابقة جديد
مجمع امتحانات توجيهي 2013 التجريبية

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